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So let’s get this straight – the NACBS was at the apex of its membership on even of stansky report.  And again is there any evidence that there were fewer jobs – what was Tittler’s evidence.   And that the Stansky report thought that the generation of scholarship before it was preoccupied with proving or disproving marxist paradigms that don’t seem to have existed in your account so far. We move from Cold War Anglophiles to the new cultural and imperial history.
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Interesting…hadn’t heard that before! Thanks. Perhaps she wanted to be Duchess just like in the movie 😉
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Thanks for your thoughts. It鈥檚 helped me a lot.
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Vielen Dank für die schönen Tage in Ihrem Hause & die liebe Bewirtung ! Direkt an der Elbe konnten wir sowohl vom Restaurant als auch vom Zimmer den Blick auf's Wasser genießen und die Lage war perfekt für die täglichen Unternehmungen ! Auch unseren Töchtern hat es sehr gut gefallen ! Liebe Grüße aus HH von Familie Stubba
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八丈島のジャングルみたい〜。 ♡ yukirikohuブログ ♡ 加賀百万石金沢着物days♡
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